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Post #61 Dinosaurs And The Bible

Written Feb. 3, 2007

I sent the following E-mail to Dr. Kent Hovind (AKA Dr. Dino) and posted the message on his web site after I watched his DVD "Dinosaurs And The BIBLE". You can use the following link to check out his web site:

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For the record, I've made a few minor changes to the message to clarifiy a couple of cocepts; correct some grammer; and add the highlighting but the message is the SAME. The TRUTH/WORD NEVER CHANGES but GOD does ADD to it and CLARIFIES MISUNDERSTANDINGS.

To Dr. Kent Hovind

I just watched your DVD and have to admit I learned a lot. I BELIEVE GOD will provide proof if we seek the answers (I’m a doubting Thomas and HE does it for me. I think HE does the SAME for you.). Anytime someone says you HAVE TO HAVE FAITH (BELIEVE WHAT WE'RE SAYING) a RED FLAG goes up and I begin to search for the PROOF (the REAL ANSWERS). GOD wants us to search for the answers and NOT ACCEPT the DEVIL’S concepts. The BEST way to DISCREDIT the DEVIL is with FACATS from GOD. I BELIEVE GOD is working within me and HE seems to be working within you too.

Your section in the DVD on various religions all over the world that BELIEVE different versions of NOAH’S FLOOD is especially interesting to me. I BELIEVE GOD cares MORE about HOW WE PRACTICE our faith than which one you choose to BELIEVE/FOLLOW. I BELIEVE GOD is NOT PREJUDICE and does NOT DISCRIMINATE against a person because of his/her religion.

With that in mind, I’m beginning to think that GOD just might have had a version of NOAH and an arc (ship/boat/…) for several cultures all at the EXACT SAME TIME each in a DIFFERENT part of the world. That would allow GOD to save all the DIFFERENT human races and species of animals that couldn’t be found in NOAH’S local area. That would limit the problems NOAH might have had to deal with. I BELIEVE my GOD could pull that off and we’d NEVER KNOW about it.

As far as creations goes, everything happened in the time frame of days but the sun ... WASN’T created on the FRIST DAY (I wrote a bible newsletter on that subject Click here for ( So we have to admit what GOD calls a day is NOT based on our earth, sun, moon, stars and the pull of those masses put on each other. Much less assume the earth was rotating at a speed that caused it to complete a revolution in 24 hours. So how long is GOD’S day? In 2 Peter 3:8 Peter says GOD considers 1 DAY to be the SAME as 1,000 YEARS. I take to mean one of HIS DAYS are EQUAL to 1,000 OF OUR YEARS. Thus EACH PHASE of creation took 1,000 of TODAY'S EARTHLY YERARS or 1 of GOD’S DAYS.

I like the concept of our ETERNAL LIFE being divided into DAYS that last 1,000 EARTH YEARS LONG. Eternity WON’T seem as long as it would have if our earthly time measurements were used. I also like it because it explains WHY GOD knows everything before it happens.

Let me explain it this was: I can pretty much predict what I’m going to be doing tomorrow (24 hours in advance) and I can control what I do tomorrow (24 hours from now) pretty easily. If GOD’S KINGDOM works on a clock that has a 1,000 earth years in one day, then HE can control and predict the next 1,000 earth years (1 of HIS DAYS) about as well as I can control and predict the next 24 hours (1 of OUR DAYS). Just as EACH plant and animal has a DIFFERENT average life span (example a dog year is equal to about 7 human years) and our weight changes from planet to planet, so will what we call a day depending on which planet we’re on.

So now we know GOD’S KINGDOM has a DAY of 1,000 EARTH YEARS. It’s on the bible (2 Peter 3:8). Look it up. We know creation WASN’T based on the earth’s 24 hour day because the sun ... wasn’t created on the first day. So the there was NO earth day, night or 24 hour day until GOD DECIDED to let it happen by getting the earth spinning. HE wasn’t using our clock. HE uses HIS CLOCK. Our clock DIDN’T exist yet. So in creation one of GOD'S DAYS is EQUAL TO 1,000 of TODAY'S EARTH YEARS.

I’m sure you have some comments on these thoughts and I’d love to hear what you have to say. If you have time feel free to read any of my messages on the internet. They can be found on the following blogs:

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Post #60 When The SPIRIT Speaks WISE PEOPLE Listen And Learn

Posted and E-mailed Jan 25-26, 2007

I started collecting information on this topic over a week ago but I didn’t seem complete enough to make me want to put the message to paper. So I LISTEN to GOD and waited for something else to happen. I knew the devil had permission from GOD to test my faith (read the book of JOB). My PATIENTS beat the devil and PROVED my FAITH and TRUST in GOD. GOD’S reward is this message.

Today’s message complements Post #59 “Being A Follower Of Christ” (Click here to read that one) and Post #58 “Your Sins Are Forgiven.” (Click here to read that one) I’m beginning to understand how GOD helped Christ find his apostles. GOD taught Christ to study the deeds of the ones who appeared to be interested in him and the things he was doing. And decide if they were putting his teaching into practice or just giving him lip service?

Recently, a person I’ve been sharing GOD’S WORD with contacted me out-of-the-blue and offered to go out of his way to help me get some tools to make GOD’S work easier. Of course I accepted his offer because I BELIEVE the SPIRIT OF GOD is working in him. His offer is similar to the kind of SIGNS (putting GOD TEACHINGS into practice) Christ was taught to look for when he picked his apostles. Christ looked for people that are making DEPOSITS into their ETERNAL RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS.

Unfortunately, “FOOLS HAVE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO” than follow the SPIRIT’S teachings. The IMPORTANCE of GOD’S MESSAGES eludes them. They value EARTHLY POSSESSIONS more than ETERNAL TREASURES.

The SPIRIT’S WISDOM has taught me to use the technique of studying the actions of others to find Christ’s TRUE FOLLOWERS. The devil works with foolish people by teaching them to say one thing and do another. But WISE PEOPLE know “ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.” So they patiently observe the actions of others looking for the signs that let them know who is really a follower of Christ’s teachings and who is only talking about it or taking credit for the work of others.

Christ gave this message to his apostles when he said to them in Luke 11:23, “ANYONE WHO IS NOT FOR ME IS REALLY AGAINST ME; ANYONE WHO DOES NOT HELP ME GATHER IS REALLY SCATTERING (the lost sheep).” Helping a FOLLOWER OF CHRIST helps gather the lost sheep and PROVES you BELIEVE the teachings of Christ and puts you on Christ’s team.


Remember what Christ said about WHEN YOUR WORLD WILL END in Mark 13:32, “NO ONE KNOWS, HOWEVER, WHEN THAT DAY OR HOUR WILL COME -- NEITHER THE ANGLES IN HEAVEN, NOR THE SON OF MAN; ONLY THE FATHER KNOWS.” So DON’T waste any opportunities to ADD to your ETERNAL RETIREMENT ACCOUNT, especially if you have the means to HELP one of Christ’s followers.

Nothing brings that message home any clearer than the message Matthew recorded in Chapter 25 Verses 31-46, “THE SEPARATION OF SHEEP FROM THE GOATS.” In that passage Christ told us that the day will come when he is going to ask each of us if we FEED HIM when HE WAS HUNGRY; gave HIM A DRINK when HE WAS THIRSTY; gave HIM CLOTHES when HE WAS NAKED; gave HIM CARE when HE WAS SICK; took HIM SHELTER when HE WAS HOMELESS; or VISITED HIM when HE WAS IN PRISON. In that passage he also said, “I TELL YOU, WHENEVER YOU DID THIS FOR ONE OF THE LEAST IMPORTANT OF THESE BROTHERS OF MINE, YOU DID IT FOR ME!”

The question is: Was Christ talking about his TRUE FOLLOWERS when he used the phrase BROTHERS OF MINE. In other words, people that EARNED the right to be called CHILDREN OF GOD or did he mean when you should help everyone here on earth? Since I DON'T have the means to help EVERYONE, I HELP GOOD PEOPLE. After all isn't that what Christ taught us by his example. He DIDN'T go out of his way to HELP SCRIBES, PHARISEES or TEACHERS OF THE LAW. Why should I help today's BAD PEOPLE? I REFUSE to reward BAD BEHAVIOR. I prefer to ENCOURAGE GOOD BEHAVIOR instead. That way the BAD PEOPLE will learn to BEHAVE if they want help. If we REWARD their BAD BEHAVIOR, they'll NEVER learn to be good. We'll be encouraging them to be bad. I DON'T BELIEVE GOD would approve of that. Christ DIDN'T and I WON'T either.


So keep this message in mind the next time you get a change to help someone especially if that person is doing GOD’S WORK. Helping that person is about as close as most of us can get to HELPING GOD because GOD DOESN’T need our help. HE can do anything and everything HE wants to. However, HIS MESSENGERS take NOTHING with them. They are to rely on the gifts of others. That’s documented in Matthew 10:9 when Christ said, “DO NOT CARRY ANY GOLD, SILVER, OR COPPER MONEY IN YOUR POCKETS; DO NOT CARRY A BEGGAR’S BAG FOR THE JOURNEY OR A SPARE SHIRT OR SHOES OR A WALKING STICK. A WORKER SHOULD BE GIVEN WHAT HE NEEDS.”

Now I'll ask you this question: Have you heard the message the SPIRIT gave us in the passages I've referenced? Just remember, “When The SPIRIT Speaks WISE PEOPLE Listen And Learn.”

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Post # 59 Being A Follower Of Christ

Post # 59 Being A Follower Of Christ

Posted and E-mailed Jan 11-12, 2007

This weekend I attended two Catholic services (First Friday Mass and Sunday Mass). During both of the sermons Father Leo Smith touched on the topic of BEING CALLED and that got the SPIRIT OF GOD working in me. HE made me think about the fact that NO ONE seems to be interested in HELPING me with HIS mission. And then HE made me think about the PROBLEMS Christ might have had finding his apostles. So I decided to see what GOD’S WORD had to say on the subject.

Sure enough the bible documents the fact that Christ knew he didn’t have enough help. In Matthew 9:36-38, Christ told the apostles the crowd was full of helpless sheep without a shepherd. He knew it was their job to help them. GOD wanted them to plant HIS WORD (the seed) in them and harvest that crop. But Christ also knew he had too few workers (disciples) to gather that harvest. So he told his disciples to pray to the OWNER (GOD the FATHER) for more workers (disciples).

The question is why couldn’t Christ find enough workers? And what are GOD’S requirements for being one of Christ’s followers? I started seeking the answers in the bible and sure enough GOD helped me find them.


1st -- Give up all your earthly possessions and collect riches in heaven (your kingdom).

In Mark 10:21; Matthew 19:21; and Luke 18:22 Christ told a rich man, “You ONLY need ONE thing. Go and sell all you have and give the money to the poor, and you will have riches in heaven (his eternal retirement); then come and follow me.

2nd -- Give up your earthly family and become GOD’S CHILD.

Luke 9:62 Christ said, “Anyone who starts to plough (plant GOD’S seeds) and then keeps looking back is of NO USE to the Kingdom of God.

3rd -- Sacrifice for GOD’S Sheep and do GOD’S will whatever that might be.

In Luke 9:58 and Matthew 8:20 Christ told someone else that wanted to be one of his followers, “Foxes have holes, and birds have nests but the Son of Man has no place to lie down and rest.”

In other words his followers would have to carry the same crosses he carried. GOD WON’T force you to do anything you aren’t willing to do. So finding people that meet those requirements wasn’t easy for Christ and it isn’t any easier these days.


The following references document Christ’s search for additional dedicated disciples:

In Luke 9:57-62 and Matthew 8:18-22 one man offered to follow Jesus BUT first he had to go back and bury his father. Another wanted to be his follower BUT first he had to say goodbye to his family.

In Matthew 19:16-22; Mark 10:17-22 and Luke 18:18-23, a rich man asked Christ, “Good Teacher what must I do to receive eternal life?” He ALREADY obeyed ALL the commandments, so Christ told him to SELL EVERYTHING you have and give the money to the poor and you will have riches in heaven (an eternal retirement); then follow me. The man was SAD because his earthly possessions were too great to give up for GOD.


1st -- Perhaps one of the BIGGEST SURPRISE has to be the WISE MEN/WOMEN (see Matthew 2:1-12) who visited Christ in Bethlehem. They WEREN’T ISRAELITES but yet they KNEW the JEWISH prophecy about Christ and noticed the star in the sky. They DIDN’T have time to plan the trip. They DIDN’T have any maps. And they DIDN'T know where to go but they WENT ANYWAY. It makes me wonder why a lot of ISRAELITES didn’t follow the star. They were waiting for the king to be born and they BELIEVED and STUDIED that prophecy. I guess they WEREN'T WILLING when GOD CALLED. They had something else MORE IMPORTANT to do than EXPERIENCE GOD at work.

Anyway based on that passage (Matthew 2:1-12), I BELIEVE those WISE MEN/WOMEN were Jesus’ FIRST converts. Even though they WEREN’T ISRAELITES they followed the star to Christ’s birthplace and thus helped prove the FIRST prophecy Christ’s life would fulfilled. Since nothing is EVER heard of them again, I have a feeling they ran into King Herod or his men after they left Bethlehem. Then they became the FIRST followers of Christ to be killed. After all King Herod was willing to kill every baby in Bethlehem to ensure Christ was killed. Why wouldn’t he torture and kill those WISE MEN/WOMEN for NOT returning to his palace with information about the baby.

2nd -- The SHEPHERDS (Luke 2:1-15) didn't waste any time after the angles told them about the birth. I’m sure they knew about the scripture. Signing Psalms and studying GOD’S WORD helped them pass the time while they were alone in the fields. But the point is they DIDN’T worry about their sheep or tell anyone where they were going. They just DROPPED EVERYTHING and answered GOD’S CALL.

3rd -- The apostles didn’t hesitate when they were called. John’s version is a little different than Matthew, Mark and Luke but they all agree on the fact that everyone dropped everything and went with Christ when he called.

It’s a shame EVERYONE DOESN’T go when GOD CALLS. Because working for GOD is the easiest job there is once you’re ONE with HIM. HE’LL teach you what you need to know and prepare you for what’s ahead. You CAN NOT FAIL, IF you BELIEVE in HIM. I WON’T say you WON’T SUFFER because HE uses EVERY TRICK IN THE BOOK to teach you what HE wants you to learn. Sometimes that involves pain and suffering but HE knows how much you can take and HE carries you when you need rest.

Being CALLED by GOD isn't like finding your ONE TRUE SOUL MATE. GOD is EVERYWHERE and HE wants you to help ANYTIME your ready. So if your ready to SERVE, HE'S calling you now. Find a charity, do some volunteer work or just just help a neighbor. GOD will find a way to put the SACRIFICES YOU'RE WILLING to make to the BEST use possible. Once you get started, YOU'LL start receiving HIS REWARDS both here and in heaven.

So what are you waiting for? HE'S not going to give you a written invatation. In fact, HE WON'T even force you do it. The choice is up to you.

Can you hear HIM CALLING? If NOT your ears AREN'T listening and your eyes WON'T look. DON'T be one of the ones that had SOMETHING MORE IMPORTANT TO DO. Find some time to WORK FOR GOD. Do it today.

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Post #58 Your Sins Are Forgiven

Posted and E-mailed Jan 3, 2006

We all LOVE those words (Your Sins Are Forgiven) and feel a GREAT sense of relief when we hear them. But after forgiving someone’s sins Christ would say go and SIN NO MORE. So why do you think he said that? After all we can always get our sins forgiven again. RIGHT? What’s the HIDDEN MESSAGE he’s trying to warn us about?

Actually, it is typical of Christ NOT to give us all the answers. After all that’s why he used parables. In Matthew 10:13-15 and Luke 8:9-10 Christ told us he used parables because some people really DON’T want to hear what he was saying or see what he showed them. They came to see miracles or to be able to tell their friends they seen the man everyone is talking about not to hear his message. They heard what they wanted to hear and seen what they wanted to see. We fall into the say trap when we say we LOVE the words YOUR SINS ARE FORGIVEN but we DON’T seem to care much about his warning to SIN NO MORE.

Today, GOD wants me to tell you what the harm is to you if you sin again. You’ll still be able to have your sins forgiven but like EVERYTHING in this world, if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. So what’s the catch?

The answer is simple. SINS are LOST chances to EARN eternal rewards. So even though your sins are forgiven, you AREN’T earning ANY treasures in heaven. Your eternal reward will NOT be as GREAT as it could have been. By AVOIDING sin or should I say the devil’s tests you earn rewards. That’s the TRUE meaning behind the story in Luke 16:19-31. In that passage, a man who had everything wouldn’t give anything to a man who had nothing. So that man NEVER made a deposit in his eternal account. He gave earthly things MORE importance than heavenly treasures. He was like a man who never put anything away for his retirement and one day finds himself with NOTHING.

So why did Rich man lose everything when he got to heaven but the poor man got everything? The answer can be found in Mark 4:24 when Christ said, “PAY ATTENTION to what you hear! The SAME RULES you use to judge others will be USED BY GOD to judge you – but with even GREATER SEVERITY.” The rich man didn’t think the poor man deserved any help, food or clothing…. So GOD treated the rich man the SAME WAY he treated the poor man.

Your treasures in heaven may not be as BIG as you think they are. Just as many retired people are surprised by the cost of retirement, you maybe surprised at the cost of things in heaven. In Luke 8:18, Christ says, “Be careful how you listen; because whoever has something will be given more but whoever has NOTHING will have TAKEN AWAY from him even the LITTLE he THINKS he has.” When you get to heaven, DON’T be one of those that find out they DIDN’T save enough TREASURES in heaven to be happy. Be one of those that finds out they have MORE treasures than they thought NOT one of those that has LESS than they thought. It’ll make your eternal life a lot happier.

If that DOESN’T convince you to EARN TREASURES rather than sin, I suggest you read Matthew 25:31-46. In that passage, Christ talks about the FINAL JUDGMENT DAY when there will be a separation of the sheep from the goats. The sheep are the ones that feed GOD (less fortunate) when HE was hungry and gave HIM something to drink when HE was thirsty. They made deposits into their ETERNAL RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS, so they’re going to be happy in heaven. The goats on the other hand are the ones that DIDN’T feed GOD (less fortunate) when HE was hungry or give HIM something to drink when HE was thirsty. So they DIDN’T make many deposits into their ETERNAL RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS, thus they’re NOT going to be very happy in heaven.

If you’re still NOT convinced, I suggest you read Matthew 13:44 (The Parable of the Hidden Treasure); Matthew 13:45-45 (The Parable of the Pearl). Both of those stories about what humans would do to own riches here on earth. Christ was trying to teach us that NO TREASURE here on earth could be worth as much as the TREASURE of ETERNAL HAPPINESS in GOD’S kingdom. So sacrifice all your earthly treasures and BUY ETERNAL TREASURES with those sacrifices.

The Parable Of The Net (Matthew 13:47-50) is very similar to the FINAL JUDGMENT DAY discussed above only instead of separating sheep and goats, Christ talks about separating GOOD FISH and BAD FISH. The message is SAME no matter how you look at it. GOD is going to judge us ALL fairly and then give us our JUST REWARD or PUNISHMENT. We may all get to heaven but some of us receive better rewards than other but we’ll all receive what we earned here on earth. So start making deposits into your ETERNAL RETIREMENT ACCOUNT today and often. Your ETERNAL HAPPINESS depends on it.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Post #57 The Fig Tree Warning

Posted and E-mailed on Dec. 26, 2006

Today’s message is about another one of Christ’s stories that DIDN’T seem to bring home an IMPORTANT MESSAGE. That’s a clue that something is MISSING or we DON’T really understand the passage. GOD WOULDN’T put something in the bible that DIDN’T have a lot of meaning and importance. So if you think a passage in the bible ISN’T worth reading (then GOD DIDN'T write it), or start looking for a HIDDEN MESSAGE.

Let’s get back to the FIG TREE STORY. It wasn’t till I started reading the OLD TESTAMENT that I found out what the HIDDEN MESSAGE was to that story. I’m sure a lot of Christians have the SAME problem. We assume the NEW TESTAMENT stands on its own but in REALITY the OLD TESTAMENT is the CORNER STONE on which the NEW TESTAMENT is built. Christ and his disciples knew the OLD TESTAMENT by heart and it was based on that belief that Christ taught. So if you DON’T study the OLD TESTAMENT some of the messages of the NEW TESTAMENT will be hidden from you. That’s the case with the message of the Fig Tree (See Matthew 21:18-22 and Mark 11:12-14 & 20-24).

Before I discuss that passage lets review the facts that make that message important. Christ and his apostles were traveling from place to place all over Promised Land teaching the GOOD NEWS. They DIDN’T have a regular income, so they ate whatever they could find and what friends donated. They DIDN’T stay in hotels. If they were lucky once and awhile someone might give them a place to stay for a night or two along the way. But NOT many people could accommodate 13 men (Christ and his 12 apostles), so most of the time they slept outside under the stars and lived like MIGRANTS.

The LAWS of the OLD TESTAMENT were written by GOD to included REQUIREMENTS that took care of the LEVITES (they cared of GOD’S buildings, the Tabernacle, the altar, the Ark…), MIGRANTS, ORPHANS and WIDOWS. Here are just a few of the references I’ve found that DOCUMENT GOD’S LAWS and mandated procedures to care for those groups: Deuteronomy 12:12, 18-19; Deuteronomy 16:11-12, 14; Deuteronomy 18:1-5; and Deuteronomy 24:17-18, 19-22.

In Deuteronomy 24:17-22 GOD told HIS PEOPLE that they SHOULD NOT pick their fields twice. They SHOULD leave some for the needy (MIGRANTS, ORPHANS and WIDOWS). If you forget to bring in a sheaf (stack or pile), you should leave it for the MIGRANTS, ORPHANS, and WIDOWS. Today, I'd say you should bring that gift to a mission or some other charity. Anyway the LEVITES were to be awarded a portion of the sacrifices to GOD and they were suppose to be invited to all the worship meals at the temple (see Deuteronomy 12:12, 19).

Now back to the Fig Tree, both Matthew and Mark agreed that the tree had leaves but NO FIGS. In Mark 11:13 it actually says, “… But when he came to it he found only leaves, because it was not the right time for figs.” In fact both writers agree that the Fig Tree was covered with leaves but there was NO FRUIT. Yet Christ was upset that this tree DID NOT have any fruit. In fact, he cursed it.

I never understood why until I read the OLD TESTAMENT. Since the tree had leaves but NO FRUIT, we have to assume the tree was picked recently or it WOULD HAVE HAD FRUIT (over ripe or not ripe yet but fruit ) on the tree. So I assume Christ and apostles saw workers picking the fruit as they approached the tree from a distance. So as they neared, they began thinking about eating what was suppose to be left on the tree for MIGRANTS, ORPHANS and WIDOWS. But when they got there the tree was completely picked clean.

That scenario makes sense when you consider Christ’s actions. Just as Christ’s message about a tree turning green means summer is approaching so too when a tree is completely covered in leaves you know that it should be bearing fruit.

Christ WASN’T mad with the tree for NOT having any fruit. He was mad at the land owner for picking the tree clean and NOT leaving some for the MIGRANTS, ORPHANS and WIDOWS. So he punished the owner by making sure the tree would NEVER EVER AGAIN produce any fruit. The tree symbolizes a prosperous land owner, country, continent or world. If we fail to SHARE our good fortune, GOD just might stop blessing our land.

The passage was intended to warn us there will be punishments for those that DON’T do their share to take care of the less fortunate. On the other hand, GOD will reward those that follow HIS laws and share their BLESSINGS with the less fortunate.

If we were raised in the Jewish Faith like Christ, his apostles and his followers, we would have KNOWN about this JEWISH LAW. So this message would have been a lot easier to understand. Christ DIDN’T teach the JEWISH LAW because he didn’t come to teach gentiles. He was here to help the JEWISH PEOPLE. After he was gone his disciples started converting gentiles but they DIDN'T teach the JEWISH HERITAGE. So if you really want to understand Christ’s teachings you’ve GOT TO study the OLD TESTAMENT and our JEWISH HERITAGE. After all Christians are Jewish FIRST and followers of Christ SECOND.

I BELIEVE Paul, a converted gentile (correction: I Should have said a want to be Pharisee) mislead Christ’s followers because he too DIDN’T have the required JEWISH HERITAGE (for clarification see the LATER NOTE below). For him to really understand Christ’s teachings he would have had to be a JEW FIRST and a follower of Christ SECOND. The Christian faith is built upon the Jewish Faith and CAN NOT stand on its own. That’s why Paul’s messages mislead many Christians. He DIDN’T have the REQUIRED JEWISH HERITAGE.

Now you know why Christ the MIGRANT expected to find some fruit on the Fig Tree and why he destroyed the tree after finding NO FRUIT. So if you want to be a TRUE FOLLOWER OF CHRIST, start studying your JEWISH HERITAGE and you too will find a lot more meaning in Christ’s messages. Then in time you'll start QUESTIONING Paul’s messages too.

LATER NOTE: I have to apologize for my ignorance. According to Reader’s Digest Who’s Who in the Bible, Paul (birth name Saul) was born and raised in the Jewish faith. So I have to wonder why I had that misconception. I guess GOD wanted me to know more about him because something else is missing. That being said, I found out Paul’s father was a Pharisee and their family had both Geek and Roman citizenship. That created a little conflict of interest from time to time. To further complicate Paul’s life the family moved from Greece to Jerusalem when he was young. The last fact I learned about his heritage was that Paul thought of himself as a Pharisees.

So Saul was a Jewish leader want to be before becoming Paul the Christian. He was the kind of Jew Christ disliked most. Remember, the Pharisees were known to preach one thing yet do another. His alliances to Rome, Greece and the church made him willing to kill Christ’s followers in order to gain points with Pharisees and Rome. Then one day he was moved by GOD (he said Christ) to be one of Christ follower.

He decided his mission was to convert gentiles. He did so at the expense of Jewish Law. That caused division among the Jewish followers of Christ. Paul’s reasoning for NOT forcing his gentile converts follow Jewish customs was that GOD got little from those animal sacrifices and/or male circumcisions. However, GOD gave us those rules to teach HIS PEOPLE and to keep HIS PEOPLE happy and healthy. GOD doesn’t do or say anything for NO REASON.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Post #56 Hurting You Hurts Me

Posted and E-mailed Dec. 18-19, 2006
Updated Dec 20, 2006

For sometime now GOD’S been letting the evil of this world destroy my life. It’s almost like HE let the devil test me like Job was tested in the Book Of Job. Job ISN’T the first Bible experience GOD’S let me relive and I have the feeling it WON’T be the last. However, it has lasted the LONGEST. In fact, I’m beginning to think I may have to leave this world to end that experience.

For the record, this is GOD’S way of making me the messenger HE wants me to be. After all “EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST TEACHER” and everything GOD does is done PERFECTLY. So why would we think HE wouldn’t use the BEST teaching method?

Maybe OUR SCHOOL SYSTEMS needs to study GOD’S teaching technique. I bet our children would be smarter if they experienced learning rather than memorized it. Memory is nice but intelligence and creativity is just as important maybe even more important in TODAY’S CONSTANTLY CHANGING WORLD. It’s time for us to move our SCHOOL SYSTEMS into the 21st century or our children are NOT going to be the leaders of the world much longer.

Back to the reason GOD is making me relive Job’s experiences. I BELIEVE it goes hand and hand with the story of the WOMAN CAUGHT IN ADULTERY (see John 8:1-11). Christ stopped the men who wanted to stone her to death by drawing/writing in the sand.

Did you every wonders what Christ wrote in the sand to make everyone leave without throwing any stones? We may NEVER know for sure but based on what I’ve been through thanks to the experience of reliving some of Job’s life; I’ve got to wonder if Christ was letting them know how her loss would impact each of them. Kind of like the movie “IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE.” In that movie an angel let George Bailey know what the world would be like if he was NEVER born.

After putting this message together, I seen a couple of mothers pushing their babies in strollers and GOD got me starting to thinking maybe Christ told those men that the WOMAN CAUGHT IN ADULTERY was pregnant and/or she already had some children at home. It wouldn’t be fair to her children or her unborn baby to kill her for committing adultery? I BELIEVE THAT'S THE MESSAGE GOD WANTS US TO GET out of that story. When we punish someone we just might be hurting INNOCENT people too. Thus hurting you can hurt me too. Society would have had to take care of her children and GOD would punish them for killing that UNBORN BABY.

On the other hand he might have drawn something in the sand that told them about one of their own family members or friends that committed the SAME sin and wasn't punished. Or maybe one of their family members or friends was stoned to death and they remembered how that hurt them. But the worst case would be for them to remember one of their family members or friends that was innocent but got stoned to death anyway.

All this brings me back a recent sermon I heard at First Alliance Church in Port Charlotte (Click here to visit their Web Site) given by Pastor Scott Borden. That sermon was about Joseph and what he did for the Holy Family. After writing this message I realize Pastor Scott left out the MOST important things Joseph did for the Holy Family. By marrying Mary he SAVED her life just like Jesus SAVED the WOMAN CAUGHT IN ADULTRY. Joseph also SAVE the unborn child's (Jesus) life too. Then after the baby was born he kept the king from killing Jesus again. Joseph gave up everything to save the women he loved and the child he raised but ISN’T that what GOOD FATHERS do? Unfortunately, in TODAY’S world fathers are taken for granted. Well now we know, fathers have been taken for granted since before Christ was born.

As a FOLLOWER of Christ, I got to BELIEVE that Christ would want the WORLD to call him the patron saint of ILLEGITAMENT CHILDREN and Mary should be the patron saint of UNWED MOTHERS. Joseph on the other hand should be the patron saint of those who SACRIFICE EVERYTHING and never get credit or complain. As our pastor pointed out he’s an UNSUNG HERO. Now you know why GOD chose Joseph.

I have to thank GOD for this message it was a result of the pain and suffering I’ve endured while I’ve been reliving the life of Job. GOD wanted me to tell the world that HE’LL punish the wicked in the next life. HE used me to pass on that message by letting me see how my problems affected my children, my parents, my few friends, the people I use to work with and GOD knows who else. The point is we all suffer directly and/or indirectly when one of us is hurt, punished or NOT treated like we would want to be treated.

Now you know why GOD WON’T punish us in this life. HE knows punishing ONE PERSON affects us all in one way or another. That WOULDN’T be JUST. So HE ISN’T going to punish us in this lifetime.

We should leave the punishment for sins to GOD and HE’LL do it FAIRLY in the NEXT LIFE.

On the other hand, GOD gave Moses the WARNING about punishing EVIL. GOD set harsh penalties for breaking HIS laws (see A WOMAN CAUGHT IN ADULTERY John 8:1-11). HE told the Jews enforcing those penalties would deter crime. HE said as LONG as the law was ENFORCED, people wouldn’t commit the crime for FEAR of being punished. Our society BREAKS that rule by treating all criminals DIFFERENTLY.

We need set penalties for EVERY CRIME that CAN NOT be changed by the court or by a jury under ANY circumstances (after a fair trail). The fair trail has to allow the person to be presumed INNOCENT till PROVEN GUILTY and they have to keep in mind that it is BETTER to let 10 GUILTY people go free than to convict ONE INNOCENT person.

But sins against GOD MUST be punished by GOD. Remember, what HE said, “VENGEANCE IS MINE.” In the NEXT life HE’LL be able to punish ANY and/or ALL of us without causing the rest of us to suffer because of that punishment.

GOD ALWAYS does EVERYTHING PERFECT the first time. We can expect our final judgment to be FAIR and JUST no matter whether we deserve a reward or a punishment. GOD will do it PERFECT the FIRST TIME, so DON’T expect to get a retrial.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Post #55 Getting to know the FATHER via Christ

Posted and E-mailed on Dec. 16, 2006

The EASIEST way to find and make NEW FRIENDS is to get to know the friends and relatives of people you love and trust. In most cases, the people you love and trust are going to have other friends similar to you and we all seem to like people similar to ourselves. Christ taught us that lesson when he picked his apostles. The FATHER let Christ know that John The Baptist was a man HE trusts. So Christ’s first two disciples were disciples of John The Baptist (Andrew and his brother Peter). I WON’T review how Christ picked the rest of his team now. I did that in a newsletter on January 3rd in 2006. You can read that post by using the following link:

Click here to read FINDING PEOPLE TO TRUST

So I’m going to follow Christ’s example and meet OUR FATHER through one of HIS children. Since I DON’T know Moses, Elijah, Muhammad, Abraham, Noah, Mary, Joseph, Paul, any of the apostles, … as well as I know Christ, I’m going to concentrate on meeting the FATHER through Christ. In time, I’m sure I’ll get closer to the rest of GOD’S CHILDREN and when I do, I plan on using them to get to know the FATHER even better.

Since Christ and OUR FATHER AREN’T physically here to talk to, I have to use the NEXT BEST THING that being studying Christ‘s conversations with GOD. The BEST example of that kind of communication can be found in John 17:20-26. When GOD’S CHILD (Christ) communicates with GOD in prayer, they communicate on a different level than you and I communicate with GOD. If we study the people GOD loved the most and become MORE like them, maybe someday we’ll get to their level with GOD. Then you’ll be able to communicate with GOD the way GOD'S CHILDREN communicate with HIM.

When Christ communicated with his apostles and followers he had to keep it simple for us (KISUS/Kiss Us). But when he communicated with GOD, he got to take his communications to another level. They talked about things that would confuse the average follower. So by studying those conversations, we can learn MORE about the FATHER and get closer to GOD. Who knows maybe in time, we’ll be able to talk to the FATHER at that level too.

In John 14:10-11 Christ says, “Do you NOT BELIEVE, Philip, that I am in the FATHER and the FATHER is in me? The words that I have spoken to you DO NOT come from me. The FATHER, who remains in me does HIS own work (gift of the HOLY SPIRIT). BELIEVE me when I say that I am in the FATHER and the FATHER is in me.

In John 17:21-23 Christ states, “I pray that they (his apostles and people who believe his messages) may all be ONE. FATHER! May they be in US, just as YOU are in me and I am in YOU. May they be ONE, so that the world will believe that YOU sent me. I gave them the SAME glory YOU gave me, so that they may be ONE, just as YOU and I are ONE. I in them and YOU in me, so that they may be completely ONE, in order that the world may know that YOU sent me and that YOU love them as YOU love me.”

In John 14:20 Christ says, “When the day comes, you will know that I am in my FATHER and that you are in me, just as I am in you.”

In John 14:23 Christ says, “Whoever loves me will obey my teaching. My FATHER will love him and my FATHER and I will come to him and live with him.

In John 13:20 Christ says, “I am telling you the truth: whoever receives anyone I send receives me also; and whoever receives me receives HIM (the FATHER) who sent me.”

In John 3:34 Christ says, “The one whom GOD has sent speaks GOD’S words, because GOD gives him fullness of HIS SPIRIT.”

In Matthew 10:20 Christ says, “For the words you will speak will NOT be yours; they will come from the SPIRIT of your FATHER speaking through you.”

In Acts 1:4-5 Christ says, “Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift I told you about, the gift my FATHER promised. John baptized with water, but in a few days you will be baptized with the HOLY SPIRIT.”

To UNDERSTAND those readings, you’ve got to realize Christ ISN’T GOD but GOD is in him. It was GOD working in Christ that gave him the knowledge and power everyone saw and heard. In other words, Christ had the gift of the HOLY SPIRIT in him. The HOLY SPIRIT is NOT a different being. There is ONLY ONE GOD. HE is EVERYWHERE and HE can be in you and me just as HE was/is in Christ.

In Christ’s prayer, he asked the FATHER to let him be in the apostles just as the FATHER was in him. Since the FATHER is in Christ, if the FATHER lets Christ be in the apostles, then they too would have the FATHER in them also. Remember, the FATHER is ALREADY in Christ. So if the FATHER let Christ be in the apostles, then FATHER will be there too. Thus they will ALL be ONE WITH GOD.

Christians believe Christ is GOD but that ISN’T quite true. GOD is in Christ but Christ IS NOT GOD. If you believe Christ is GOD, then when the FATHER granted Christ’s prayer the apostles would also be GOD because they would be ONE with GOD too. For the record, I believe GOD honored Christ’s prayer and that’s the reason the apostles were able to work the miracles they worked.

Romans 8:1-17 discusses GOD’S SPIRIT in you. I WON’T quote that whole passage but verses 14 through 17 are very interesting.

St. Paul writes, “Those who are led by GOD’S SPIRIT are GOD’S sons (and daughters). For the SPIRIT that GOD has given you DOES NOT make you slaves and cause you to be afraid; instead, the SPIRIT makes you GOD’S children and by the SPIRIT’S power we cry out to GOD, “FATHER! My FATHER!” GOD’S SPIRIT joins HIMSELF to our spirits to declare that we are GOD’S children. Since we are HIS children, we will posses the blessings HE keeps for HIS people and we will also posses with Christ what GOD has kept for him; for if we share Christ’s sufferings, we will also share his glory.”

I really DON’T know St. Paul very well but those verses again talk about GOD’S SPIRIT (GOD’S SPIRIT joins HIMSELF to our spirits) being in you or being ONE with you.

The following verses contain statements by Christ and St Paul that document the fact that Christ’s power comes from GOD OUR FATHER. Christ is acknowledging that fact that he is NOT GOD but GOD gives him the authority and power.

In Matthew 11:27 and Luke 10:22 Christ says, “My FATHER has given me ALL things.”

In John 13:3 it states Jesus knew that the FATHER had given him complete power.

In John 14:28 Christ says, “If you loved me, you would be glad that I am going to the FATHER; for HE is greater than I.”

In John 14:31 Christ says, “… I love the FATHER; that is why I do everything as HE commands me.”

In Matthew 28:18 Jesus says, “… I have been given ALL authority in heaven and on earth.”

In Hebrews 7:25 St Paul writes, “… come to GOD through him (Christ), because he (Christ) lives for ever to plead with GOD for them.”

In John 12:50 Christ says, “What I say, then, is what the FATHER has told me to say.”

Luke 4:18 quotes Isaiah “The SPIRIT of the LORD is upon me (or in Christ) because he has chosen me to bring GOOD NEWS to the poor.”

In Mark 10:40 Christ say, “But I DO NOT have the right to choose who will sit at my right and on my left. It is GOD who gives these places to those for whom HE has prepared them.”

In Matthew 20:23 Christ say, “… but I DO NOT have the right to choose who will sit at my right and my left. These places belong to those for whom my FATHER has prepared them.”

Now I ask you, would you want GOD’S power and authority? If so, what would you do with the power if GOD gave it to you? Remember, MUCH IS EXPECTED OF THOSE WHO HAVE PLENTY. GOD is harder on those HE blesses most. When you see how much trouble the Israelite Kings got into because they were blessed by GOD you really got to think twice about asking for more than you can handle.

Personally, I find myself forgetting to give the FATHER glory (credit) for all the knowledge and abilities HE’S given me. HE does so much for me that I should be spending ALL my time thanking HIM but from time to time I find myself taken credit for the work HE’S done within me. It is for that reason, if for none other, that I hesitate to ask for more gifts but I would GLADLY accept anything HE knows I need to complete HIS work or anything HE knows I can handle. I know HE knows what will work; what I want and need; and what will open doors for the devil to tempt me. So I let HIM make the choices for me because HE’S the BEST ONE to decide what is BEST for me. Just as I know these words are HIS and NOT mine. HE is just so much smarter and powerful than us. HE amazes me but HE SHOULDN'T. After all HE is GOD and with GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. But as a human, my mind CAN NOT UNDESTAND what ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE MEANS. When I see or hear something NEW I know that is possible but NOT until then. HE knows it before is it possible.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Post #54 What Happened To The Christian Heritage?

Posted and E-mailed Dec. 14, 2006

Isn’t it funny that the ONLY REFERENCES in the bible related to Christ’s childhood refers to the PASSOVER FESTIVAL (Luke 2:41)? In that passage, it states that Jesus, Mary and Joseph celebrated the PASSOVER EVERY YEAR in Jerusalem, yet Christians DON’T ever keep track of that SPECIAL DAY. You’d think that if they REALLY BELIEVED Mary was Christ's mother and Jesus was GOD’S son they’d BELIEVE and practice what she and Christ TAUGHT and BELIEVED.

If that isn’t bad enough, did you know that Christ and his apostles didn’t call themselves Christians? They were Jews that BELIEVED Christ was/is a savior. It wasn’t till after St Steven was stoned to death (long after Christ went to heaven) that people started calling Christ's followers Christians. You can find that FIRST REFERNCE to Christ’s followers being called Christians in Acts Chapter 11 verses 19-26. That passage states, “It was at Antioch that the believers were FIRST CALLED CHRISTIANS.” So in reality, Christ DIDN’T want to start a NEW RELIGION. You can find the bible reference in Matthew Chapter 5 verse 17 when Christ said, “DO NOT THINK THAT I HAVE COME TO DO AWAY WITH THE LAW OF MOSES AND THE TEACHINGS OF THE PROPHETS. I HAVE NOT COME TO DO AWAY THEM BUT TO MAKE THEIR TEACHINGS COME TRUE.”

So if YOU REALLY BELIEVE Christ was GOD’S son and he CAN’T be wrong, then today’s Christian Church is WRONG. They AREN’T following the BELIEFS Christ lived and taught. Christ and his apostles were Jewish and followed the Jewish customs. The ONLY DIFFERENCE between the JEWISH religion and the religion Christ followed and taught is that Christ was GOD’S son and he was sent by GOD.

The bible documents the fact that Christ continued to celebrate the PASSOVER FESTIVAL while he was spreading the GOOD NEWS (see John 2:13; 2:23; 4:45; 6:4). In fact, the LAST SUPPER was actually their PASSOVER MEAL (Matthew 26:17; Mark 14:12; Luke 22:7; John 13:1). Yes, Christ was Jewish and he practiced what he preached. However, he DID NOT like the way the leaders of the JEWISH CHURCH acted. But he was NOT starting a NEW FAITH, he was TRYING TO CORRECT one that was on the WRONG PATH. Thus, SAVING THE JEWISH PEOPLE from the leaders of the faith that were NOT pleasing GOD anymore.

Today Christian faith is also on the WRONG PATH. They’ve LOST their heritage. Remember, Christ DIDN’T come to create a NEW FAITH; he came to strengthen the Jewish Faith.

So how did the Christian Faith get on the WRONG TRACK? It might be because Christ DIDN’T preach about the OLD TESTIMENT. He didn’t have to because the JEWISH PEOPLE knew more about the OLD TESIMENT than we do. However, many of his lessons are rewordings of messages that can be found in the OLD TESTAMENT. Christ was here to correct the PROBLEMS with the JEWISH CHURCH and its leaders. He didn’t need to waste time teaching the OLD TESTAMENT which everyone already knew. Unfortunately, the gentiles they converted to Christianity after Christ left earth NEVER got the needed OLD TESTAMENT LESSONS. Remember, Christ was here to teach the Jewish people NOT the gentiles. So he didn’t teach his followers how to teach the OLD TESTAMENT. That knowledge was already being taught and past on to the Jewish community. Christ and his followers only had to supplement that information with his teachings. When Christ followers started converting gentiles, they should have first taught them to be Jews and then added on Christ teachings.

It’s like the DEVIL has his hand in making sure the Christians, Jews and Muslims DON’T find out how close their religions really are.

Why do we ALWAYS look for the DIFFERENCES in each other rather than what we have in common. Why are we more concerned with the NEGATIVE SIDE of things than the POSITIVE SIDE?

Someone should write a book comparing the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths. I bet they’d find out their faiths are VERY SIMILAR. In fact the differences are MINOR in nature. They all agree on the MAJOR POINT that there is ONLY ONE GOD. Why can’t we all agree on that instead of disagreeing on which faith is best? Do we really think our ONE GOD likes to see us fighting? Oops! Isn’t that against all three religions too?

Man has always been SCARED of the UNKNOWN. The DEVIL knows that and he uses that to his advantage. If you really want to please GOD, you should get to know your neighbor and you just might find out he ISN’T as SACRY as you think.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Post #53 How Innocent Are You?

Posted and E-mailed Dec. 9, 2006

Today’s message came to me during church service on Thursday (Dec. 7, 2006). I was attending a mass for the Catholic Feast of the Immaculate Conception. For the record, I’m NOLONGER a catholic. I am A FOLLOWER OF CHRIST.

As a FOLLOWER of Christ, I hate to pass up a chance to hear GOD’S WORD and the Catholic service includes three (3) reading that I wouldn’t have heard if I didn’t attended their services. One of this week’s readings was the story of Adam and Eve and that lead to today’s message.

When we reach the gates to heaven GOD’S angels and saints will know right away, if we obeyed GOD’S LAWS. They’ll be able to tell just by looking at your soul (or INNOCENT METER). Kind of like GOD knew Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit.

Because Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit they knew they were NAKED and that bothered them. If they hadn’t eaten the forbidden fruit they wouldn’t have cared about being NAKED (Genesis 3:9-15). There sins gave them away.

Today we can tell when summer is near by the green leaves on HIS plants. GOD; HIS angles; and HIS saints know even more from things we DON’T know or understand. For instance, GOD could tell us how to bring rain; stop hurricanes; or build a better birdhouse. HE designed and built nature. HE knows what makes it tick and how to make it do what HE wants it to do. HE also designed and built us. So HE knows what makes us tick too. HE’S the ONLY mind reader I’ll ever BELIEVE. HE DOESN’T for tell the future. HE’S seen it. If HE tells you what HE'S SEEN, BELIEVE it (ask St. Peter about the cock) but do your BEST to follow HIS LAWS and treat your neighbor like you want to be treated.

Back to today’s message, think of your soul (or spirit) as being an expensive METER with BLACK BOX that monitors how INNOCENT you’ve been all your life. The gears inside the METER start off in perfect condition. Thus the term, INNOCENT AS A NEW BORN BABY. When you sin the gears start to get dirty and rusty. When you EARN FORGIVENESS (repay the one(s) harmed plus a twenty percent fine Leviticus 6:1-7) for those sins the METER gets cleaned. To bad everyone doesn’t repay the people they sinned against. If they did, there wouldn’t be as many people sinning. I guess that’s why GOD made that law. The question is WHY DID THE CHURCH CHANGE IT? Christ DIDN’T. (In Matthew 5:17 Christ is quoted as saying, “DO NOT THINK THAT I HAVE COME TO DO AWAY WITH THE LAW OF MOSES AND THE TEACHINGS OF THE PROPHETS.”)

Major sins (like Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit) and sins that we fail to earn forgiveness for cause damage to the gears inside our INNOCENT METER. They cause the gears to break and lose teeth. The METER still runs but not as fast because you are NOLONGER as innocent as you once were. The more you sin the more teeth you lose and the SLOWER the METER runs. I BELIEVE that GOD can FIX your gears IF you deserve it and one of the BEST ways to get on GOD’S good side is to help the poor (Proverb 19:17 tells us that when you help the poor you are leading to GOD and HE PAYS WONDERFUL INTEREST.).

Anyway when you get to the gates of heaven, they’ll know everything they need to know about you by viewing YOUR INNOCENT METER. That BLACK BOX inside your soul or the gears inside the INNOCENT METER will be all evidence HIS angles need to know HOW INNOCENT YOU ARE. Just as the insides of a watch tell a watch smith how well you took care of a fine watch, GOD’S angles and Saints will know what every broken tooth in your INNOCENT METER (soul) means from the log in the BLACK BOX and from the reading on your INNOCENT METER. You WON’T be able to hide a thing. Just like Adam and Eve couldn’t hide the fact that they ate the forbidden fruit.

Earning forgiveness for your sins will clean your INNOCENT METER (soul) but it DOES NOT fix any broken teeth. You’ve got to make some sacrifices (like helping the poor and less fortunate people of this world) to earn GOD’S help if you want to FIX the BROKEN TEETH. Keeping your INNOCENT METER CLEAN ONLY keeps the dirt and rust from causing more teeth to break. If you DON’T earn GOD’S help your INNOCENT METER (soul) will NEVER run any better than it does today but you can make it run worse by continuing to violate GOD’S LAWS and/or NOT earning forgiveness for your sins.

So how innocent are you? Are you taking care of your soul (your INNOCENT METER)? Are you earning treasures in heaven? Just as we CAN’T fix our INNOCENT METERES, Adam and Eve COULDN’T get back into the Garden of Eden. Once your sin causes damage, you CAN’T undo it that damage. ONLY GOD can make that happen.

Adam and Eve lost the right to live in the Garden of Eden and they NEVER got that right back. We CAN’T fix our INNOCENT METERES but GOD can. It just takes a LOT of repentance and sacrifice. Without it, your INNOCENT METER (soul) will never be as good as it once was but you can protect it from having more problems by obeying GOD’S LAWS; EARNING FORGIVENESS for your sins; and EARNING MORE TREASURES in heaven (doing good deeds for others).

Remember, Love GOD (our FATHER) with all your heart, with all your mind, and with all your soul and treat your neighbors like you want GOD to treat you for eternity.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Post #52 What If We ALL Get To Heaven?

Post #52 What If We ALL Get To Heaven?

Posted and E-mailed Dec. 2-4, 2006

That just might be what happens but remember, “IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT PROBABLY IS.” There HAS TO BE A CATCH.

The CATCH is HEAVEN is what you make it to be. While you are here on earth your life is BUILDING a room in heaven for you (Luke 6:38; Luke 6:45). Christ told us “There are MANY ROOMS IN HEAVEN (John 14.2). Each is designed to reward (Matthew 10:40-42) us the way we LOVED OUR NEIGHBOR while we were here on earth (Luke 16:19-31). If we obey the laws GOD gave us and Christ taught (Luke 10:26-37) us this message ISN’T going to SCARE YOU. You will live FOREVER (Luke 10:28).

However, if you DON’T listen to GOD’S warnings, I’m SORRY for you for you will have to endure GREAT SUFFERRING (Luke 16:19-31; Matthew 13:47-50). For you will have stored FEW TREASURES in heaven. You LOVED the world and worldly things NOT GOD and your NEIGHBOR.

Remember, Christ’s warning, “Your sins are forgiven. Go and sin no more.” He didn’t say if you sin again, I’ll forgive them again. He said, “Sin no more.”

He was trying to teach us to change our ways. We need to start EARNING heavenly rewards NOT earthly treasures that CAN be lost and/or stolen. Heavenly rewards last forever (Luke 12:32-34). They CAN NOT be taken away. You’ll have them for eternity, if you earn them while you are here and the MORE you earn the happier you’ll be in heaven. So in the end, the winner is the person with the MOST toys, rewards or should I say TREASURES.

The choice is ours. Keep sinning and receive NO REWARDS in heaven or start loving GOD and YOUR NEIGHBOR, so you too will be happy in heaven with your toys (TREASURES).

Remember, “IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS” AND THAT GOES FOR RELIGION TOO. We all get to heaven but we all get what we deserve. Are you going to be happy there (Matthew 25:31-46; Matthew 13:44)? If you’re reading this you still have time to do something about it. The choice is up to you. “GO AND SIN NO MORE.”


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Post #51 Who Is The Corner Stone

Posted and E-mailed Nov. 14-15, 2006

The church teaches that Christ is the corner stone of the church but the dictionary states that a corner stone can be found where two intersecting walls meet. What building has but one corner stone? Christ is a corner stone for GOD’S CHURCH but he is NOT the only corner stone. He might be the MOST important corner stone but that’s NOT for me to decide. That’s GOD’S decision to make. Just as Christ couldn’t tell James and John who would be on his right and left side in heaven, I can not tell you how many corner stones are in GOD’S church much less who they are. That’s the FATHER’S decision.

I will tell you that I BELIEVE Moses and Elijah were already in place before Christ. And I BELIEVE there are prophets from several religions supporting GOD’S church. Just which ones are at which corner I DO NOT know but I DO know that they BELIEVE in only ONE GOD (the FATHER) just as the bible teaches. I also BELIEVE that the Muslim faith is a lot closer to the Jewish belief than the Christian church. Since Christ was BORN, RAISED and DIED a Jew, I have to BELIEVE as he BELIEVED. Thus I’m sure Mohammad is one of GOD’S CORNER STONES.

If today’s church was as close to GOD as Christ and his disciples why don’t we see the miracles that they performed? I BELIEVE that’s because today’s church is much like the Jewish church in Christ’s days. They collect the money and build great buildings when Christ taught the opposite. Many of Christ’s BEST sermons were given outdoors. He DIDN’T need a lot of money and he didn’t need fancy buildings. His mission from GOD was to help the poor, sick, humble and less fortunate.

If you want to find GOD you have to LOOK FOR HIM. HE’S NOT going to look for you. HE KNOWS where you are and what’s inside you. You HAVE to start changing from the inside to find GOD. Once you make that change, you just might find HIM living in you just as Christ found HIM living in him. If you DON’T BELIEVE that’s possible read Christ’s pray for his disciples in JOHN 17:20-26. In that passage, Christ reveals the fact that the FATHER is in him that’s why he has GOD’S power. Christ further prays that the FATHER will let him live in his disciples so they too will have the FATHER in them. So just as Christ is ONE with the FATHER, Christ’s disciples will be one with the FATHER also.

Now you know why the disciples had the ability to work miracles and why the leaders of today's churches DON’T have that ability. They LOST the TRUE teaches of Christ.

It’s funny the bible contains a copy of the log Moses kept (Numbers Chapter 33) but there’s NOTHING from Christ’s journal. We know he could read scripture because the bible talks about him reading the word in the temple. So what happened to his writing? As I stated before, I BELIEVE they were burnt to keep the soldiers warm the night Christ died. But the real reason was to get rid of the evidence. The high priests and leaders of the church knew those messages would expose their lies and give the Romans a reason to let Christ go free.

So the question is: Are you willing to change your life, so GOD the FATHER can be in you? Are you willing to sacrifice for others so you can move your stone closer to a corner stone of the church? That’s the first step toward becoming one of GOD’S corner stones.

GOD wants to make his church as big as it can be. Don’t expect it to have only 4 corners. A church the shape of a cross has at least 12 corners (8 outside corners and 4 inside corners). GOD’S church probably is a combination of all the religious symbols of HIS PEOPLE’S CHURCHES. So that would mean that HIS church would also include at least the STAR OF DAVID; CHIRST’S CROSS; and whatever the Muslims use to represent their church. I’ll stop there because I know I’ll leave out someone and that faith might be the MOST important faith in GOD’S EYES.

So the question is: Are you willing to LOOK for GOD? Are you going to start changing from within? If so, then you too just might be ONE with GOD one day. Don’t expect it to happen overnight. Christ’s apostles studied under him for about three years before they had enough faith to earn that right. It’ll take MUCH sacrifice and cost you greatly (at least it cost Christ and all his apostles) in this world but the reward in the NEXT LIFE is worth it. Remember, that life last FOREVER and EVER. Isn’t it better to be happy FOREVER and EVER than to be happy in this life for 100 years and SUFFER FOREVER and EVER because of it?

Are you going to be GOD’S CORNER STONE?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Post #50 Do You Love GOD?

Posted and E-mailed Nov. 9, 2006

Father Leo at St. Charles Catholic Church in Port Charlotte, Fl is the inspiration for today’s message. Last Saturday (Nov. 4, 2006) he talked about his nieces and their parents. His message was about what we should do if we love someone. His nieces’ parents would say, “If you love us you would or wouldn’t do this, that or the other thing.” And his nieces would tell their parents, “If you love me you would or wouldn’t do this that or the other thing.”

About that time GOD got me to thinking, if we LOVED HIM we WOULDN’T SIN. We are like children needing to be reminded time after time about the rules GOD set up for us. As children, GOD expects us to stumble and fall but as we get older HE expects us to AVOID SIN. I bet a lot of teenage parents can relate to that but at some point children mature to the point where we DON’T need to be punished anymore. They know right from wrong and we DON’T cross that line.

So why is it that we think GOD our FATHER doesn’t expect the SAME from us? Why DON’T we ever grow up and LEARN RIGHT from WRONG and stop crossing that line? The answer is simple. If you break a man-made law here on earth you HAVE TO PAY FOR IT. However, if you break one of GOD’S LAWS MOST PEOPLE BELIEVE all you have to do is ask forgiveness? People DON’T expect to pay for their sins.

Why is that we EXPECT our children to pay if they break one of our laws but we DON’T expect GOD to make us pay if we break one of HIS LAWS? People grow up and become GOOD CITIZENS and OBEY the laws or pay the penalty. But many of GOD’S children NEVER grow up. They NEVER STOP SINNING and NEVER become GOOD CITIZENS of heaven. Do you really BELIEVE GOD is going to allow sinning in heaven? I DON’T and Christ DIDN’T either. That’s why he was allows saying, “GO AND SIN NO MORE.”

Start being the person GOD would be PROUD to call his son or daughter. That’s what you want your children to do. Do you think GOD expects anything less from us? READ LUKE 16: 19-31 (The Rich Man and Lazarus) and see what happens to people that DON’T obey GOD’S LAWS. Then decide if you would rather be RICH or LAZARUS.

Remember, what Christ taught us in Mark 12:29-31. Love the Lord your GOD with all your heart, with all your mind and with all your soul. And treat your neighbor like you want GOD to treat you for eternity. After Christ told the crowd those two (2) commandments, a Pharisee (Teacher of the law) agreed with hiim and said (Mark 12:33), “It is more important to obey these two (2) commandments than to offer animals on the altar and other sacrifices (compares to our church services; communion; …) to GOD.” In other words, ACTIONS speak louder than words. Put your faith into action. Help your neighbor and AVOID SIN. Then you’ll know YOU LOVE GOD and everyone will know HE LOVES YOU TOO. Because if you love HIM you'll KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS. Now YOU KNOW IF YOU LOVE GOD.

Monday, October 30, 2006

POST # 49 What’s Wrong With Our Churches?

Posted and E-mailed Oct. 30-31, 2006

As a catholic I been told for years about the shortage of priests. Unfortunately, that’s a symptom of the problem NOT the problem. The problem is the SAME in ALMOST EVERY CHURCH. It’s the LACK of GOOD QUALITY TEACHERS in our youth ministries. The churches of today HAVE to plant the seeds of tomorrow in the youth of today, if our churches are to grow and be prosperous in the future.

In the past, the Catholic Church had nuns to provided that service. Those nuns planted the seeds in the children they taught. Those children grew up to be nuns, priests and good Christians. Today the Catholic Church much like most churches is filled with elderly worshipers. For years they are harvested from seeds planted years ago by hardworking youth ministers and nuns. Today VERY FEW young people attending church because MOST churches DON’T put enough money into the youth programs. They’re to busy making the church prettier and paying for the things they purchased years ago when membership was up and times were good.

But it isn’t enough just to have a GREAT YOUTH PROGRAM; you also need to look out for the little ones until they’re able to take care of themselves. That task can NOT be left to the parents alone. Everyone in the congregation has a responsibility to GOD help look after the youth. Recently, I read an article in a local newspaper about two young girls (they’re in the picture above) that were killed in a car accident just after they left a church Halloween Party (Click Here To Read That Story).

It’s believed that the children WEREN’T wearing seatbelts. I wonder, how many people over the years watched those kids get into their parents car and not put on a seatbelt? I know that family is wishing they had forced their children to wear seatbelts. I bet their church is wishing they had made it a rule not to let ANY car out of the parking lot if the children weren’t wearing a seatbelts.

I know those little girls are in heaven today but we CAN’T afford to keep losing GOD’S messengers. Those little girls might have grown up to be missionaries, teachers, mothers … but we DIDN’T protect them. We let them down. We let GOD down.

If you looked at their picture, you’ll notice they’re playing in a box. I BELIEVE that’s GOD’S message (symbolism) to us. We DIDN’T think out-of-the-box. If we had we could have protected those children better. Maybe we should have taught those children to think out-of-the-box. We should be telling our parents that protecting your children in a car is MORE IMPORTANT than worrying about CHILD MOLESTERS. Our children have a MUCH better chance of being hurt and/or killed in a car accident then they do of getting attacked by a CHILD MOLESTER.

It makes me wonder why we AREN'T as hard on drunk drivers as we are on CHILD MOLESTERS. More people (of all ages) are killed and injuried every day by repeat drunk drivers than CHILD MOLESTERS. I guess going after drunk drives ISN'T as politically correct as going after child molesters. After all child molesters DON'T have any PAC MONEY or SPECIAL INTERST GROUPS to protect them. Our politicians have to make sure they DON'T step on any toes. I guess that's way illegal aliens are good targets for politicians. Politicians have to stick to SAFE ISSUES that WON'T cause anyone complain.

Anyway, if the churches of today are going to survive in the future they have to start doing a MUCH BETTER job of sowing their seeds in the children of today and they’ll have to protect them better. Because their not only the FUTURE OF THEIR CHURCH THEIR THE FUTURE OF OUR COUNTRY. GOD KNOWS our politicians AREN'T going to do it. They might lose some political support and/or make an enemy or two in the process and that'll cost them money.

We need to start forcing our churches to spend MORE TIME AND MONEY on our children and LESS on the building and facilities we worship in. Maybe it’s time for our churches to reread Christ’s story about the SOWER AND THE SEED. We’ve been harvesting to long and NOT PLANTING ENOUGH. The fields need to be plowed, replanted and fertilized once and awhile and that’s the job of our youth ministry. Instead of complaining about the church’s lack of preachers and priests we need to start planting new seeds. The problem is ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE, if we DON’T start planting today. You CAN’T harvest a crop if you DON’T plant and TAKE CARE of the seedlings.

We failed to take care of those two children and lost that crop. DON’T let your church do the same thing. Start putting more time and money into your youth program and make taking care of your church’s youth the job of the congregation not just the children’s parents. DON’T let those children’s death be for NOTHING. GOD used those angles to send us a message. Let HIM know you got the message and you’re doing something about it. Protect your church’s future and you’ll save your church and maybe our country.